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Aligarh: Deliberations on important aspects of Spanish history, politics and society marked the inaugural day of the two-week online workshop sponsored by the Global University Networks Initiative (GIAN) on “Spain Contemporary: Culture, Society and Politics” from the Department of Foreign Languages ​​(Spanish Section), Aligarh Muslim University (AMU). The program will end on November 30.

Inaugurating the workshop, WBU Vice-Chancellor Professor Tariq Mansoor said: “Over the past decades, Spain has undergone a transformation perhaps greater than any other country in Western Europe. Given that the country has become one of the most advanced and dynamic European nations, it is important to discuss and explore the reasons for Spain’s rise”.

In the opening speech, Professor Jawaid Iqbal (Dean of the Faculty of International Studies and Chairman of the Department of Foreign Languages) spoke about Spain’s integration into the European Union and NATO, the decentralization of Spain, asymmetric federalism, the role of autonomous communities and immigrants, the Basque autonomous community of northern Spain, secular society and the Church and the challenges of globalization.

Mr. Juan Angulo (Chilean Ambassador to India), Mr. David Puig (Dominican Republic Ambassador to India) and Prof. Rajiv Saxena (Former President, Center for Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and Latin American Studies, JNU, New Delhi) delivered the congratulations addresses and discusses the impact of cultural structures on the development of political life in contemporary societies.

Dr Oscar Pujol (Director, Instituto Cervantes, New Delhi), Prof Sonya Surabhi Gupta (Director, Center for European and Latin American Studies, New Delhi), Prof Ash Narain Roy (Director, Institute of Social Sciences, New Delhi), Dr Noorin Khan (Spanish Language and Latin American Studies, Center for European and Latin American Studies, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi) and Dr Fazila Shahnawaz (Center for Advanced Studies, Department of History, AMU) highlights the diversity of Spanish culture and its strong and unifying national identity.

Prof. MJ Warsi (Local Coordinator, GIAN Projects at WBU) delivered the keynote address and Dr. Murad Ahamad Khan (Course Coordinator) delivered the welcome address.

Abdul Rahaman Yasir and Suhail Akhtar facilitated the different sessions.