U.S. Representative Grothman: Statement on Trade Relations with Russia Votes

(Washington, DC) – Congressman Glenn Grothman (WI-06) released the following statement regarding his vote on HR 7108, the Law suspending normal trade relations with Russia and Belarus.

“For the second time in two weeks, an amendment to seize the power of the Global Magnitsky Act has been added to legislation regarding our economic relationship with Russia,” he added. said Congressman Grothman. “In its current form, the Magnitsky Human Rights Accountability Act gives the executive branch the power to sanction foreign officials or governments implicated in specific human rights abuses, such as kidnappings. , extrajudicial executions or the detention of people without trial.

“In the bill to suspend normal trade relations with Russia, House leaders have included provisions that would significantly alter the purpose of the Magnitsky Act by removing definitions of gross human rights violations internationally recognized in favor of a more vague language.

“This revised version of the Magnitsky Act would expand the President’s power and leave open the possibility that the US government could use our vast financial wealth to threaten foreign officials who hold traditional views on life or marriage in the form of forfeiture of assets or denial of visas.The President with the ability to threaten other countries to turn against their Christian heritage and change their laws to align with the views of the current White House directly opposes the support of America to the advancement of human rights and freedom on the world stage.

“As regards economic relations with Russia, I have already sponsored two bills which, if passed, would impose strict regulations on Russian oil and other goods.

“I encourage the Senate to remove language from the bill that radically alters the purpose of the Global Magnitsky Act before it is sent to President Biden’s office.”

As mentioned above, Congressman Grothman is a co-sponsor of HR 7014, also named the Law suspending normal trade relations with Russia and Belarus and HR 6905, the Defund Putin Act. The purpose of each bill is to end Russia’s unjust invasion of Ukraine by weakening the Russian economy through the expansion of US trade tools.

Congressman Grothman’s concern about the shifting focus of the Magnitsky Global Human Rights Accountability Act is not without merit. It was recently reported by Life Site news that lawmakers in the Dominican Republic have received a warning from the US Embassy that if they do not legalize abortion, they will be without US visas. With the changes to the Global Magnitsky Act found in HR 7108, this warning could also come with threats of penalties.