The Department of Agriculture will investigate claims by the public turned away from Wildflower Park


Wildflower Park, Queen’s Park Savannah West. – SUREASH CHOLAI

The Horticulture Division of the Department of Agriculture, Lands and Fisheries said it would investigate claims by activist Phillip Edward Alexander that the public were being turned away by security at Wildflower Park in Port of Spain.

Alexander said in a Facebook post on Saturday that he and others were being told by park security officers that the public was not allowed in.

“I want to know who gives security the power to prevent the citizens of Trinidad and Tobago from using their park,” he said in the video. “Don’t tell Trinidadians they can’t use the park… The ministry needs to respond. It is the public park.

Alexander said he was alerted to the situation by an elderly person who said security guards also told them they weren’t allowed to enter the park.

A statement from the Horticulture Division said the department was conducting an internal investigation.

He said both sites still remain accessible to the public.

However, he also said: ‘The Department’s policy position for people wishing to use the Wildflower Park and Botanic Gardens for any passive recreational activity, for example group gatherings or photo opportunities, is that they must first obtain written permission from horticultural services. Division before the scheduled date of the event.