Romania submits to the EC an agricultural investment plan of 15.8 billion euros

BUCHAREST (Romania), October 20 (SeeNews) – The Romanian Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development has announced that it has submitted to the European Union the final draft of its national strategic plan of 15.8 billion euros (15, $5 billion) for the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) for 2023-2027. Commission (EC).

Under the plan, some €6 billion will be invested in agriculture and rural development, while €9.78 billion will be used to pay subsidies to farmers, the ministry said in a press release on Wednesday. hurry.

A further €151.7 million will be used to implement agricultural market measures aimed at stabilizing the market.

The plan details clear targets, with subsidies per unit area, payments per head of livestock, investments in irrigation, energy independence and agricultural technologies that will lead to income growth and damage reduction environmental issues,” said Agriculture Minister Petre Daea.

Romania initially sent the plan to Brussels in February and was asked to revise and improve it in May.

According to the EC, national strategic plans are mandatory documents for the implementation of the new CAP from 1 January 2023.

So far, the EC has approved CAP strategic plans for Denmark, Ireland, Spain, France, Poland, Portugal and Finland, Luxembourg and Austria, according to published data. on its website.

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