President Samia Hassan is mending her fragile relations with the West

When the Tanzanian president took office last year after her predecessor died suddenly from suspected COVID-19, it was seen as the start of a new era. Samia Suluhu Hassan, the East African state’s first female president, immediately sought to distance herself from her former boss when she told parliament to “stop comparing me to [John] Magufuli”. Hassan’s trip to the United States in April, his second in less than a year, was seen by his supporters as proof that Tanzania is charting a new course. His swift diplomacy is interpreted as an intention to bring foreign investors back to Tanzania after hostile domestic policies and rhetoric hampered foreign domestic investment for years. Hassan’s trip to the United States reportedly brought in $1 billion in investments from various American companies, indicating that foreign investors are seeing positive changes in Tanzania. US companies have been reported to be interested in sectors ranging from tourism to energy. On the same trip, she traveled to New York and Los Angeles to launch the premiere of a new state-backed documentary, Tanzania: The Royal Tour, which promotes tourism in the West African country. ballast. The film shows Hassan visiting popular tourist destinations in Tanzania such as Mount Kilimanjaro and Zanzibar in a bid to boost post-COVID tourism.