Memorial Healthcare nurse thinks her Hispanic heritage fuels her desire to help people

MIAMI – In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, we’re spotlighting a rock star nurse at a local hospital who thanks her heritage for wanting to help people.

A first-generation American, Henry Aneyro has cared for South Floridians for over twenty years.

“My father came from Cuba, my mother came from Spain,” Aneyro said.

Aneyro grew up in New Jersey, where his passion for becoming a nurse began.

“I always remember watching superheroes and imagining a nurse as a superhero,” Aneyro said. “I always wanted to be a nurse, but nurses weren’t like me”

That didn’t stop him.

After many years as a medical technician and moving to Florida, he had the opportunity to become a nurse after working and studying full time.

He started out as a trauma nurse in the intensive care unit at Memorial Regional Hospital. He is now an administrative officer at Memorial Hospital Pembroke.

Aneyro said his legacy fuels his desire to help people.

“We have a lot of patients who speak Spanish and I think that’s so important because some don’t speak a word of English,” Aneyro said. “It’s all about family, it’s all about unity, it’s about helping each other in every way possible, family is always number one.”