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Beyond factory farming, Stephen Shelender follows a sustainable concept for high quality meat. He raises Wagyo cattle and Iberian pigs.

If you walk through the green pastures of the Schlander family in Wurmlach, the first thing you see is black. That means there are beautiful, jet-black Wagyu cattle grazing there happily. The breed originated in Japan. Rich in omega-3 fatty acids, the meat is tenderly packed with intramuscular fat, tastes nutty and melts in the mouth. The next wall is Iberico the wild boar which descended from Spain. Five years ago, young Gefat and his brother Marcus specialized in breeding these two breeds. Grandparents Elizabeth and Joseph Bidner operated a dairy farm near Geft in Wurmlach and also marketed products from pig farming.

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The grandson took over in autumn 2010. The farmer who completed the agar-hck in Trebach Althofen quickly realized: “I want to innovate in agriculture. He started breeding with two Wagyu mothers. The young farmer predicts: “I am expecting five mothers from my offspring next year.” In total, 15 heads of cattle are involved in cattle breeding: 9 of them are pure vagis, the rest Simmental and Charolais cattle. It is a coincidence that, in addition to the usual domestic pigs, their Spanish relatives also roam in Gefat. “During a visit to the thermal baths, the menu read ‘The Horny Saw’. Geltler enjoyed the meal, in which the main ingredient was Iberian pork. True to the motto ‘seen and fell in love’, Stephen said he caught fire. He discovered this exquisite breed, went to the Baltic Sea, met his friend Manuel at the harvest and inspected the five farms that produced these pigs. What he discovered in a breeding pair in Munich was found and purchased two of these animals One pig, five sows, ten large pigs and 15 small pigs already roam Gaft Farm ‘Ibericos’ are larger than domestic pigs, contain omega-3 fatty acids They have a higher acid content and lower cholesterol than regular domestic pigs.

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In Gaft a wide variety of salami, homemade sausages, ham brisket and bacon, Iberian-lardo, minced meat, liver sausages, boiled and fried sausages, Bernese sausages and much more are produced. The 38-year-old single farmer is particularly proud of the exquisite products of raising Wagyu cattle and Iberian pigs. “One of the company’s strong points is probably our Wagyu steaks and our dry-aged beef,” says Stephen. The wide range of products is completed by our fish ponds, located in the direction of the dolls and only ten minutes from the farm. “Our trout grow slowly in the crystal clear, eight-degree cold mountain waters that feed the ponds. This makes the meat particularly tender”, explains Stephen, “We offer our trout raw, but also smoked. Runs the house and the farm like a family business. 13 hectares of land on which barley and corn are also grown and 15 hectares of forest. Many helping hands make production easier and when we work together many new ideas emerge. “We sell our products to 80% of the farm in a newly created self-service store”, informs Gefat’s, which also provides a sales container at the “Neuvert’s Pantry” in Gundersheim.

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In July, Gefat Hof celebrated its first agricultural festival with great success. Björn Pasternak was the guest of “Europe’s greatest barbecue smoker” at the Geft Hof’s Würmlach. Gefats is always enthusiastic about the huge crowd of visitors to its own farm festival, which is why the idea came up with Gailtaler Almkäsereien to organize the Gailtaler Almkäsemarkt with various alpine dairies in Gefat Hof. The date is September 24 (start at 4 p.m.) and September 25 (start at 10 a.m.) 2022.