Health care designed for the Filipino migrant

“Caring across distance” is the goal of Asistensi – a global digital healthcare company that provides accessible end-to-end digital healthcare plans – which has just launched in the Philippines.

Focused on medical coverage for families of migrant workers, Asistensi is led by a group of healthcare professionals with nearly two decades of experience in Europe and Latin America.

Asistensi is the only healthcare provider designed for migrant families.

Asistensi’s Executive Chairman, Dr. Andrés González, who flew to the Philippines for the official media launch, explained, “We are a company that comes from 18 years of medical experience, and in that experience, we had the opportunity to see how primary health care can change the way the system works. Our main goal is to provide people with access to healthcare by using technology to do so.

“We also want to empower migrants to pursue their dreams while we take care of their families back home. That’s why we created Asistensi. We have two years of history doing all this work in the whole world. We believe the Philippines is one of the countries that needs what we are doing,” he added.

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Given the large population of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW), the company decided to establish itself in the country to support migrant workers and their families with accessible quality health care explicitly designed for them. and will ultimately bring them peace of mind.

“Every Filipino knows someone who works overseas. Whether it’s a family member or a friend, it’s hard not to think how difficult it must be for OFWs to juggle their many concerns while ensuring they can provide financial support to those left behind,” said Bjorn Pardo, Managing Director of Asistensi Philippines.

Most OFWs see being providers as their primary aspiration and motivation for seeking employment overseas. Not surprisingly, the trend of remittances entering the country has been steadily increasing over the past few years. Unfortunately, playing the role of breadwinner has its challenges and difficulties.

Maxicare PH CEO Sean Argos with Asistensi CEO Bjorn Pardo, Executive Chairman Dr. Andrés González and CEO Armando Baquero.

Maxicare PH CEO Sean Argos with Asistensi CEO Bjorn Pardo, Executive Chairman Dr. Andrés González and CEO Armando Baquero.

“Health is a priority, but often treated only on the basis of need, and investments in this aspect often take a back seat to more pressing concerns. This is the gap we want to close – we want migrant workers have peace of mind that in times of sudden need, their families in the Philippines can be covered by a health care plan that relieves them of immediate financial stress and allows them to focus on the health issues at hand” , added Pardo.

Asistensi aims to be the partner of the Filipino migrant worker to alleviate financial hardship related to health care and medical expenses. The company offers migrant workers, or OFWs, a new way to express their love and love for their families, as well as quality, reliable and affordable health care.

Based in Spain, Asistensi sets itself apart from other companies providing healthcare plans around the world by utilizing the benefits of technology and making comprehensive healthcare accessible to everyone who needs it.

Envisaging healthcare accessible to all, they aim to give migrants the much-needed peace of mind regarding the health of their families and more leeway for their personal and professional development.

Asistensi’s end-to-end digital healthcare plans can be purchased online from any country. With secure online payment, 100% digital onboarding, instant dependent enrolment, no need for tedious medical admission exams, and coverage including pre-existing conditions up to age 85, family and loved ones back home are eligible for unlimited 24/7 telemedicine. , ambulance service, home and clinic primary care, home and clinic lab tests, drug delivery, access to major hospitals, and hospitalization and surgery coverage.

To ensure the best possible service, Asistensi has partnered with local medical leaders such as Hi-Precision Diagnostics, Argonix, Home Healthcare, Lifeline 16911 and its main HMO partner, Maxicare.

More inclusive for the Filipino population in terms of admission and price, eligibility for Asistensi’s plans is broader than other services. With eligibility to age 85 and coverage for pre-existing conditions, services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, Monday through Sunday, with a 96% satisfaction rate for uptime. response for as little as P866 per month for their digital healthcare plans.

Apart from its affordable packages, another advantage of Asistensi is the ease with which consumers can avail healthcare services. When a beneficiary feels unwell or has an emergency, Asistensi can be reached through the Asistensi Philippines mobile app or through the call center at +632-8280-1066. Asistensi physicians then perform the necessary patient assessments following triage protocols to determine the best next step. Once the next steps have been determined and the request completed, Asistensi will cover the costs according to the rights of the beneficiary.