“Food and agriculture still has the lowest rate of digitalization compared to any other sector in the global economy”

In 2021, only 5% of global fruit and vegetable trade was digital, a very low percentage compared to other sectors. Food and agriculture still has the lowest penetration of digitalization compared to all other sectors of the global economy. This is precisely what the digital platform AgrigateOne, a UK-registered startup by entrepreneurs with roots and training in fruit and vegetable production, is seeking to change. Nearly 80% of its staff come from families or agricultural backgrounds.

AgrigateOne is an independent software company that since its inception in 2019 has built a B2B platform to create greater transparency between growers and buyers using real-time information.

Eva Romero, International Business Development Manager of AgrigateOne, with Paco Borrás, at the Citrus Forum.

The platform is in the cloud, which means users receive immediate alerts about shipping delays, cold chain irregularities and incomplete orders, allowing them to take action before it affects their company.

Accurate and reliable data are the starting points for sustainability. If sustainability cannot be measured, how can it be improved?

It offers a Business Intelligence solution for the European market, allowing the preparation, extraction, management and visualization of data facilitating decision-making and the extraction of all possible knowledge of its organization. This is the only way to stay competitive in the market.

“We collect data at every stage of the fresh produce supply chain to provide accurate insights at every stage. The data is collected by connecting to the different software or ERP that the company works with from fruit reception, production and logistics, which is aggregated into useful data that is transmitted to the user through our online platform”, said Eva Romero. , head of international business development for AgrigateOne.

Integration is key to overcoming challenges
AgrigateOne already has customers, growers and buyers in over 110 countries. South African citrus is one of the main products they have worked with, although they also have experience in avocado, stone fruit, table grapes and subtropical produce, among other products.

“We mainly target exporting and importing companies in the fruit and vegetable sector that use sea transport. South Africa, a major producer-exporter of citrus fruits globally, is one of the first countries where we started We have gone from digitizing the production and sales process of 600,000 pallets in 2019 to 1,500,000 so far this year.Our state of expansion is now focused on Spain, South America South, North Africa and Europe, where we already work with different importers in addition to having projects with important ports such as Rotterdam”, said Wian Potgieter, co-founder and director of AgrigateOne.

Wian Potgieter, co-founder and director of AgrigateOne:

“As a producer, you have full visibility and better control over the products as they move. Digitization saves time, allowing producers to focus on their products. On the other hand, as a buyer, you have access to products from a network of accredited and trusted producers. Buyers will be able to see and track orders as they move from origin to destination,” Wian Potgieter said.

According to Eva Romero: “Spain is a major player in the production of citrus fruits, as well as many other products, so it is a priority for us to develop in this market. We started working with citrus fruits and they led the expansion of this market. platform, so it would be interesting to create a complete network between the northern and southern hemispheres.”

“We can start predicting, for example, if the citrus campaigns of the two hemispheres could overlap, something that happened at the end of 2021 and which had a strong effect on businesses. The data could indicate when these overlaps would occur and what other markets the fruit might target. This platform does not work on the basis of rumors but on real data and which helps producers in their daily decision-making,” said Wian Potgieter.

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