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Prime Minister says Australians are ‘sick of walking on eggshells’ when asked about Deves’ support

A journalist asked the Prime Minister about his commitment to young people’s mental health, given that it is controversial Liberal candidate for Warringah Katherine Deves, which he handpicked.

Ms Deves issued multiple apologies for now-deleted social media posts where she made derogatory remarks about transgender people and children.

She is also the founder of an advocacy group to try to stop transgender women from playing women’s sports.

There were calls from some members of the Liberal Party for her to be disapproved of as a candidate, but the Prime Minister continued to support her.

“I’ve brought this up a number of times at these press conferences – the remarks that Katherine has made in the past that have been insensitive. She took those remarks back and I think she learned that by pushing the issue forward main focus she seeks to raise, as a woman raising her three daughters, is about women and girls in sport,” Mr Morrison said.

Asked again about the importance of mental health for transgender people and children and how it relates to sports, he replied:

“She’s made a number of remarks in the past, and on a number of occasions, not the majority, she’s overstepped the mark, and she’s admitted it.

“To get ahead as an MP, it’s something you have to learn. That these issues are important, that you have to be able to deal with them with respect for others, to be compassionate towards -live in the feelings of others.

“But what I won’t allow, what I won’t allow is for those who seek to overrule Katherine simply because she has a different perspective on the issue of women and girls in sport. I not going to let you go because you know in this country I think Australians are tired of having to walk on eggshells every day because they may or may not say something one day will upset someone.

“Now you shouldn’t be looking to upset anyone else, you shouldn’t be looking to upset people, you should be dealing with things in a very sensitive way.

“Others might want to cancel it, others might want to cancel other Australians for standing up for things they believe in.”