Dialogopolis ’22 – Days of dialogue and intercultural education

What does it mean to be an intercultural city? On June 10, Wrocław organized a public meeting to raise citizens’ awareness of the meaning of their city’s participation in the Council of Europe’s Intercultural Cities (ICC) programme.

In December 2021, Wrocław became the third Polish city to join the ICC.

During the public session, Ivana d’Alessandro, Head of Intercultural Cities Unit (Council of Europe), presented the vision, strategy and tools of the Intercultural Cities programme. Representatives of two cities that are part of the ICC program, Claudia Emmanuel Laredo from Bilbao (Spain) and Anna Szadkowska – Ciężka from Lublin (Poland), shared their city’s experiences as ICC members. The meeting was moderated by Dorota Kozak-Rybska from the Center for Social Development in Wrocław.

This public meeting was the latest in a series of events organized over two weeks by Wrocław to trigger a reflection of the whole of society on what it means to transform the city into an open, inclusive and intercultural community made up of diverse identities that are all equally valued. .

The meeting was also an opportunity to discuss Wrocław’s strengths and future challenges.