Comparison of the EU5 hospital market and the 10 largest European operations

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Kirsty Withams
June 10, 2022

This week, we take a closer look at the hospital market situation, particularly in five major European markets: France, Spain, Germany, Italy and the United Kingdom. Here, we compare total revenue and for-profit and public/non-profit market revenue, and examine where international operators have the largest revenue. These numbers are a snapshot of the position based on revenue in 2020 taken from our hospital report in HBI Intelligence and the operator database.

The for-profit market represents about 13% of the total hospital market, which is not surprising since most countries tend to look to public provision.

The UK has the largest total market, the largest public sector and the smallest share of the for-profit sector. This is not surprising as the UK sector is dominated by the NHS, but one of the top ten is a UK-based for-profit provider.

France has the second largest total market, the smallest public/non-profit, but the third largest for-profit market. This is mainly due to the functioning of the public health and insurance systems. Ramsay Santé and Elsan both play an important role in French hospitals.

Germany has the third largest market overall, the second largest public market but the largest for-profit market. Although third overall, four of the groups in our top ten are German, with a special mention for Fresenius Helios, the biggest in terms of turnover.

Italy is the second largest market and ranks in the middle in each category. Only one of our top ten is from Italy, although there are a few other Italian bands not far behind. Spain is the smallest market overall and is also the second smallest market in comparative terms in each category, but again one of the top ten is a Spanish hospital group.

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