​​​​​​​A Tajik delegation visits the NES External Relations Department in Qamishlo – ANHA | HAWARNEWS

The delegation was received by the co-chair of the Department of External Relations, Abdul Karim Omar, and the two co-chairs, Abeer Elia and Fanar Al-Kait, where they discussed numerous files and issues related to the north and east of the Syria. The delegation received a photo of recent events and attacks at Al-Hasakah (Al-Sina’a) prison and Al-Hol camp, which targeted IS cells through which they were wreaking havoc and controlled the city of Al-Hasakah and then the rest of the areas, thus reviving Daesh.

Dr. Abdul Karim Omar spoke about the sensitivity of the current phase and the need to take serious action on the record of ISIS detainees and their families and the importance of concerted international efforts in this framework and cooperation with the autonomous administration to reduce terrorism and its danger to the northeastern regions of Syria and to the world, stressing the urgent need to militarily support the Syrian Democratic Forces, the internal security forces and the agencies security, and to provide the necessary supplies and techniques to deal with the threat of terrorism and ISIS cells.

Omar added: “The international community should increase its economic and humanitarian support to the AA to provide services and support the health and education sectors to rehabilitate communities that have remained under the rule of the AA. Islamic State (ISIS) for years, in order to prevent ISIS from entering these areas.

Omar noted that “the AA, after the defeat of the organization in Baghouz since 2019, called for the establishment of a tribunal for the organization’s fighters and asked all countries that have nationals in the region to return them, but the international community is still negligent”. in this regard and the response is insufficient and the continuation of the situation in this way will lead to a humanitarian catastrophe and allow the Islamic State to reorganize its ranks.

Ambassador Zabidov, for his part, said: “It is important that the international community assumes its responsibilities in the terrorism file, and that each country assumes its responsibility vis-à-vis its nationals present in the region; He added that the situation in prisons and camps is serious and dangerous and should be handled with caution.