Zhongti Overseas Study: Exploring a new future for global sports education

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Based on a new beginning in a new era, we will fulfill our new mission of composing new historical chapters.

In the early spring of 2022, we witnessed the end of a remarkable global sporting event in Beijing. After overcoming many challenges, China successfully hosted the Beijing Winter Olympics and Paralympics against the backdrop of a global pandemic, achieving perfect integration of traditional Chinese culture and Olympic culture into a world of ice and snow. Thanks to the event, the whole world has the opportunity to discover a colorful and adorable China. We have also set a future direction in the cultivation of international sports talents and the development of physical education since the end of the sports event.

Wu Guangyuan – Professor of Beijing Sports University, founder of Zhongti Overseas Study

With the rapid development of China’s sports cause, the shortage of talent has been a bottleneck in building a strong sports nation. As the first international integrated service platform for the cultivation of sports talents in the domestic market, Zhongti Overseas Study has set up the training platform comprehensively with the joint efforts of national sports departments and administrative departments. for education, Beijing Sports University and other national famous. colleges, as well as foreign institutions with quality teaching resources. With a forward-looking strategic positioning, we uphold the sports education philosophy of “Chinese learning for substance, Western learning for practice”. By working steadily for more than ten years, we have formed a solid career foundation and good public reputation, becoming an impressive leading brand in the field of Chinese overseas physical education students.

In the westernization movement of the late Qing dynasty, there was a slogan: “Learning Chinese for substance, Western learning for practice”, which aimed to find a way out of traditional Chinese culture. Nowadays, the slogan also applies to physical education students studying abroad, the first half of which can be interpreted as “presenting compelling Chinese sports stories, promoting Chinese sportsmanship, and inheriting sports culture Chinese”. Regarding the last part of the slogan, it means that we must master advanced Western sports culture and better serve the domestic industry, thus contributing to the strategy of building up China through sports construction.

Wu Guangyuan – professor at Beijing Sports University, best-selling philosophical author, founder of Zhongti Overseas Study – has studied sports education and industrial research intensively for decades. Over the years he has trained thousands of singles, masters and doctors, as well as hundreds of world champions. With his keen judgment and far-reaching insight, Wu laid a solid foundation for the current success of Zhongti Overseas Study. Under his leadership, the institution achieved remarkable achievements and wrote a moving historical chapter. Endowed with not only graceful demeanor but also profound insight, Wu demonstrated the tenacious and benevolent quality of Chinese intellectuals. It was he who led the institution through ten years of adventure.

As the first international sports education service platform, Zhongti Overseas Study has partnered with a large number of domestic and overseas higher education institutions, and cultivated huge high-end international sports talents. with a high degree, who are expected to play a key role in strengthening China through sports construction.

As the old saying goes, “I beg the heavens to wave and send talents of more than one kind”, we are now bringing higher standards to the quality of sports talents with the development and upgrading China’s global sports strategies. With the aim of exploring a new future of global sports education and cultivating more high-quality sports talents, Professor Wu Guangyuan gave up his pen for social practice and established the Beijing Zhongti Xiyong Sports Culture Co., ltd. with

young scholars from Beijing Sports University. Considering “Zhongti Overseas Study” as his key pillar, he founded the first international service platform for sports education in the domestic market.

As a special community in China, physical education students face the practical problems of low score in general culture class and elementary stage of English learning due to spending a lot of time in vocational training instead of studying. Needless to say, they find it more difficult to get into colleges, study abroad and other channels. In view of this, Zhongti Overseas Study launched the “exam-exempt college admission” mode, effectively solving the problem. By March 2022, the institution has signed talent exit training programs with higher institutions in the United States, United Kingdom, Russia, Spain, Korea, Japan, Belarus, Malaysia, Thailand, etc. The number of sports organizations and institutions that have The partnership reached has exceeded 60, many of which have given permission for “college admission of PE students exempt from examination” to Zhongti Overseas Study. The admitted students will be under the responsibility and instructed by the professional staff of the units. Currently, a large number of physical education students have been sent abroad to continue their research or have studied for bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral degrees in the Sino-foreign joint training units with our help. Boasting remarkable achievements, we have attracted widespread attention and reputation from all sectors of society.

Adhering to the spirit of inclusiveness and entrepreneurship, we are committed to summarizing China’s global sports education exploration and practice experience. Over a decade of accumulated experience, we have provided physical education students with an internationalized learning platform, formed an industrialized development model from study to employment, opened a joint and connected training approach globally for domestic sports talents, cultivated a large number of high-end interdisciplinary international talents who have deep knowledge of Chinese sports culture and gain deep knowledge of Western philosophy of physical education. These talents, once they return to their home countries after undergoing training courses abroad, are expected to serve as a driving force in transforming China from a major country into a powerful country in the field of sports.

Since the strategy of strengthening China through sports construction could serve as a powerful driving force in the contemporary era, our historical mission is to make our motherland strong. President Xi has placed great hopes in the cause of sports and has delivered important speeches many times, stressing that “since sports is invested with the dream of building a strong country and rejuvenating the Chinese nation, we must make great efforts to develop the cause of sports from the strategic perspective of building a moderately prosperous society in all respects and bringing about a great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

Prosperity and openness have taken hold in today’s China, and history has become embedded with innovation. We carry an unprecedented mission to boost China’s sports cause into a new era. The “cultivation of international sports talents” devised and implemented by Zhongti Overseas Study would bring benefits to the contemporary era and leave valuable deposits for future generations. We firmly believe that we will create a magnificent historic chapter for sports education in China.

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