Turkish International Relations Expert Uses Counter Strike Map as TV Background

In a strange case on Turkish TV, a Counter Strike map was shown on national TV.

When international relations expert Dr. Muhammet Koçak was on the air talking about the Russian military’s invasion of Ukraine, he set up a virtual backdrop during his appearance.

The background was an iconic Counter Strike cs_assault map. Cs_assault was a very popular map over the 1.6 days.

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Dr Muhammet Koçak was on TV to talk about the current situation regarding Ukraine and Russia, the latter of which invaded the former in the early hours of the morning yesterday.

Many users took the appearance of a CS 1.6 map as a background to mean that it was actually calling Russia’s “military operation”, a direct assault on Ukraine and its people.

Users also recalled, seeing a counterattack map appear on national TV reminded them of the time they spent playing CS 1.6 on the map.

cs_assault. One user said “So many great memories on this map from the lan-house days…”. This is not the first time that Counter Strike or its version has aired on national television, as an Indian channel uses CSGO’s terrorist model to talk about the Taliban and Afghanistan.

The full video can be found here

The r/globaloffensive subreddit has also colored its icon in the colors of Ukraine, to show its solidarity and support for the country. They followed in the footsteps of many esports organizations like Natus Vincere, Astralis, and Ninjas in Pajamas.

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