Kahoot: Recognized as a Leader in the Education and Business Categories of the G2 Spring 2022 Reports

G2, a leading technology marketplace and software review platform, has released its G2 Spring Annual Reports for 2022, and we are thrilled to announce that Kahoot! has been recognized as a leader in reporting on 5 categories of learning and working technology solutions. More than 60 million software buyers use G2 every year, including all of the Fortune 500.

With hundreds of 5 Star Reviewslearning providers and business professionals, Kahoot! was named leader in study tools, Evaluation software, Sales training and integration, Micro-learning platformsand Audience Response Software.

This recognition is based on customer reviews and ratings, highlighting platforms and technologies recommended by users to solve problems, drive greater impact, and achieve their goals. G2 ranks these organizations based on their customer satisfaction scores and market presence, with category leaders representing market leaders in their industry.

“Every day, we are proud to support our incredible global community of Kahoot! users, including thousands of schools, school districts and organizations of all sizes around the world,” said Eilert Hanoa, CEO by Kahoot!. “It’s an honor for Kahoot! to be recognized by our users as a leading platform to support learning and engagement in any setting. We will continue to put our users at the heart of everything we do. we’re doing while continuing our mission to make learning great!”

In the past 12 months, over 9 million teachers, hundreds of thousands of companies, including 97% of Fortune 500 companies, and millions of families around the world have used Kahoot! to unlock their learning potential and spark compelling engagement at work, school and home.

Want to know more about how Kahoot! helps educators and businesses make learning awesome? Hear from educators and school administrators who have shared their successesimplement Kahoot! with students, or explore our customer testimonialsto see how companies around the world are using Kahoot! to reinvent corporate learning and communication, energize work teams and more.

Learn more about how Kahoot! aid educators and schoolsachieve their learning goals, or hear about business professionalsenergize their teams, provide engaging training and strengthen the corporate culture with Kahoot!.

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About Kahoot!

Kahoot! is on a mission to make learning great! We want to empower everyone, including children, students and employees, to unlock their full learning potential. Our learning platform makes it easy for any individual or business to create, share and host learning sessions that drive compelling engagement. Launched in 2013, the vision of Kahoot! is to build the world’s first learning platform. Over the past 12 months, 300 million sessions have been hosted on Kahoot! platform by more than 30 million active accounts, with 2 billion (non-unique) participants in more than 200 countries and regions. The Kahoot! The group includes Clever, the leading US K-12 EdTech learning platform, as well as learning apps DragonBox, Poio, Drops, Actimo, Motimate and Whiteboard.fi. The Kahoot! The group is headquartered in Oslo, Norway, and has offices in the United States, United Kingdom, France, Finland, Estonia, Denmark and Spain. Kahoot! is listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange under the symbol KAHOT. Let’s play!